In order to exempt owners from the obligation to pay municipal taxes for empty and non-electrified properties, the Ministry of Interior has proceeded to the new Act in the Institutional Framework of Local Government. Recently, it has been found, that owners did not know, that in addition to the attestation from the Greek Electricity Distribution Network, they also must submit the responsible statement from the municipality they concerned. This issue is regulated as a six-month deadline, provided for the owners to make the statements that the property is not being used and is not electrified.

At the same moment, the Depute Minister of Finance of Greece highlighted the problem that has been arisen with the renunciation of inherited property. For this purpose, the competent Ministry is expected to increase the payment installments of the relevant tax. Additionally, the circular, that would activate the provisions of the Article 52 of Law 4276/2014, according to the possibility that was given to the debtors to pay debts by giving one or more inherited properties to the State, was announced, with the remarkable fact, that only “the whole valued inherited properties or other properties” can be included and the difference between the real value of the offered property and the required inheritance tax can not be returned to the debtor. Finally, the inheritors can choose the property auctions as the way to pay their debts. In this case the property auctions will be done according to the commercial price of the property.

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