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  • Categories

    Α) Residence Permits for Financially Independent Individuals

    Β) Residence Permits for Property Owners.

  • Specifications

    It is addressed to citizens who wish to stay in Greece and travel within the Schengen zone, without exercising their labor rights.

    The capacity of the Managing Director, shareholder or member of the Board of Directors is not considered as a profession.

  • Β) Residence Permit for Property Owners

    Required Documents:

    • Passport with valid entry visa of any country of the Schengen zone
    • Property purchase contract along with the certified conveyance of the contract by the competent land registry


    • Copy of the notarial lease document regarding hotel establishments
    • Certified conveyance by the competent land registry where is registered the relevant lease contract


    • Parcel or land purchase contract and contractor agreement for housing construction/restoration submitted to the Internal Revenue Service
    • Building permit under the name of the interested party and
    • Contractor’s invoices along with the relevant receipts or
    • Leasing agreement of, at least, ten year duration and
    • Certificate of conveyance by the competent land registry
    • Certification by the Greek Organization of Tourism that has cognizance of the particular leasing agreement
  • Α) Residence Permit issue for Financially Independent individuals

    Α.1) Visa Type D

    Required Documentation:

    • Passport
    • Health certificate with Apostille
    • Copy of criminal record with Apostille
    • Public Document that proves income over two thousands euro (2.000,00€) per month, plus 20% of this amount for the spouse and 15% for each underage child

    Α.2) After entering Greece with Visa Type D

    Required Documentation:

    • Application Form
    • Two (2) recent colored photographs in hard copy, that present the same technical specifications with the passports, as well as in digital form stored in a CD in JPEG2000 graphics format
    • Certified copy of a valid passport or travel document
    • Administrative fee in the form of the electronic administrative fee, according to the provisions of the article 132 of the Law 4251/2014, wherever it is required
    •  Insurance policy of a private insurer, wherever allowed, according to the existing legislation
    • Sufficient evidence that the interested party possesses adequate livelihoods, in terms of a steady annual income, whose amount is determined by joint Ministerial Regulation


➛ Right of abode in Greece throughout the year without being obliged to become tax residents

➛ Right of abiding in countries of the Schengen zone for ninety (90) days per semester  without additional entry visa

➛ Access to public educational system

➛ Possibility of obtaining vehicle with Greek license permit


    Visa D (criminal record, proof of minimum income of 2.000,00€ / month)

    Sufficient evidence, issued in the banking institution, that the interested party possesses adequate livelihoods, and this amount is deposited to the Greek bank

    Tenancy agreement or purchase contract of any price.


    Also credited price accepted as well

    Two-year duration and renewal every tree years
    Minor children up to 18th year of age
    Obligatory residence six (6) months per year for renewal

    Visa C of any country of the Schengen zone
    No limitation for maintaining bank account in Greece
    Vending or leasing/renting over the amount of 250.000,00€ proved with bank transaction and full payment of the price
    Five-year duration
    Protected family member up to 21st year of age
    No obligation for residing in Greece

    1 According to Art. 16(A) of the L. 4251/2014 it is allowed to investor/s to enter and reside in Greece, as long as each of them makes an investment of at least 250,000.00€, that will benefit the growth of national economy.

    2 In terms of the same investment it is also allowed to maximum ten foreign nationals (executives) to enter and reside in Greece. The exact number of foreign nationals is determined respectively to the amount of the investment in accordance with article 4 of the present.

    3 The competent authority for deciding upon the type of investment and the executives’, referred in paragraph 2, feasibility of entrance and residency, is the Directorate of Foreign Capitals of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

    A relevant application concerning the characterization of the investment is submitted to the aforementioned service, via the competent consular authority according to the investor’s/investors’ place of residency, including the following supporting documents:

    A A comprehensive summary presenting the investment plan, according to the Model of the competent service, also including:

    − The information of the existing or under establishment financial investor (Name of the company, Legal Form, Shareholder/ Corporate Structure)

    − The object of the investment and a short description of the provided product/service

    − The location

    − The amount of investment and the financial vehicle

    − The timetable for implementing the investment

    − The envisaged results for the first five (5) years of operation of the investment (viability forecasts and cash flows)

    − The total number of jobs to be created due to the investment

    B Foreign nationals’ information (investors and executives), for whom entry visa or residence permit is requested, and specifically for each person:

    − Identification elements (Name and Surname, Citizenship and Passport data) and a short curriculum vitae.

    − The function of the person and their part related to the investment

    − Expected time of entry and abode related to the implementation stages of the investment


    . Documentation of the ability of the investment vehicle to cover the investment funds, based on quarterly statements of the bank deposits or transferable securities as far as the natural persons are concerned and balance sheets and accounts for legal entities.

    The Directorate of Foreign Capitals of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism examines the application dossier and forwards its proposal to the competent Consular Authority.

    In cases of new investments by already operating national enterprises or EU citizens, as well as foreign nationals, residing legally in Greece and possessing a residence permit for independent financial or investment activity, that want executives to enter, then the application under the elements A, B and C along with the supporting documents of the paragraph 1 of the present article, is submitted directly to the competent authority of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, and the proposal of the said service is forwarded to the Directorate of Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction or to the Greek consular authorities of countries of residency of the interested parties, in order for the relevant entry visa to be granted to them.

    The foreign national, during the period of the validity of the entry visa, submits the application along with the supporting documents, as defined to the joint decision of the article 136(1) of the L. 4251/2014, for the grant of residence permit to the Directorate of Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction. The residence permit is issued by the Minister of Interior and the decision is notified to the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

    The residence permit has five-year duration and is renewed every time for the equal period of time, as long as the implementation of the investment or its operation, after the completion, continues.

    1 It is allowed to enter the country up to ten (10) foreign nationals, deemed necessary, per investment, as long as they have received the entry visa (type D), whenever required, in order to realize investments characterized as “Strategic Investments”, based on the decision by the Inter-ministerial Committee of Strategic Investments to be included in the L. 3894/2010 (A’ 204). The aforementioned visa is granted free of charge, evidenced by the decision of the Inter-ministerial Committee of Strategic Investments that characterizes the investment as a “Strategic Investment” and by the proposal of the General Secretary of Strategic and Private Investments referring to the relation of the foreign nationals with strategic investment vehicle.

    2 With the decision of the Minister of Interior a residence permit of ten-year duration is granted to the aforementioned persons, provided that all the condition are laid down.

    3 For the granting of the residence permit the application along with the supporting documentations, as defined by the joint ministerial decision according with the provision of the article 136(1), is submitted to the Directorate of Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction. The residence permit is issued within a period of five (5) days form the date of submission of the application.

    4 The aforementioned foreign nationals, notwithstanding the provision of the article 70(1), may be accompanied by family members, to whom is granted residence permit for family reunification that expires simultaneously with the sponsors’ residence permit, and by the auxiliary personnel regarding to persons with special needs.


    Foreign nationals may enter Greece, having received previously the national entry visa, in order to be employed or reside in the country, under specific legislation, intergovernmental agreements or for the service of the public interest, culture, sports and national economy. To the aforementioned category the following foreign nationals are concluded:

    a Members of Managing Boards, shareholders, managers, legal representative and senior management (general directors, directors) of resident companies, as well as subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies that legally exercise their business activity in Greece. The aforementioned foreign nationals submit to the competent consular authority a copy of the Government Gazette where it is published their appointment or selection and, in case of no publication, a copy of the company’s memorandum or a copy of the decision of the relevant body of the company for their function as members of the board of directors or management or legal representatives or general directors or directors. The foreign nationals’ entrance and residence, who are to be occupied or employed under the aforementioned functions in resident companies, is allowed only if the resident company employs at least twenty five (25) employees.

    b Employees in companies, under intergovernmental agreements or proposals of the competent Greek authorities, as long as they submit to the competent consular authority the relevant agreement or proposal of the competent authorities along with the employment contract with the undertaking.

    c Management, operational and technical staff of companies under the L. 2289/1995 (A’ 27), concerning marine research, drilling and extraction of hydrocarbons.

    d Staff and legal representatives that are occupied in companies subjected to the provisions of the L. 3427/2005 (A’ 312), L. 378/1968 (A’ 82) and the article 25 of the L. 27/1975 (A’ 77), as amended by the article 4 of the L.2234/1994 (A’ 142), as well as in companies of the legislative decree 2687/1953 (A’ 317) and resident companies of the a’ case of the present, that have undertaken the promotion of products and technical support to foreign companies and consumers, in terms of a service contact or work contract between the foreign company of the a’  case of the present with other/s. Individuals falling to this category must submit their educational qualification or documents proving a two-year work experience in relevant job position, as described in the work contract. Of the above described obligation of submission of the educational qualification or documentary evidence of a two-year work experience is exempted the staff exclusively occupied in companies of the previous subparagraph, as long as the company employs at least fifty (50) employees. 

    e Technicians occupied in industries or mines under the terms, apart from time of residency, included in the imperative law 448/1968 (A’ 130).

    f Athletes and sports coaches that have been recognized by the Greek sport authorities, may register, be transferred or hired in a recognized sports club, Sport S.A. or Department of Remunerated Athletes with a work contract, as long as they have received an entry visa and submit to the competent consular authority approval of the Greek sports federation of the relevant sport, wherever required, and validated by the Federation copy of the work contract.

    g Creators of intellectual works, especially, writers, persons of letters, directors, painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, singers, choreographers and set designers, as long as they submit to the competent consular authority q work contract with a duration of more than three months with a company or organization, whose object concerns activities related to the use and creation of the intellectual property.

    h Ministrants of the prevailing religion or any other known religion in Greece, who exclusively practice their religion, as long as they submit to the competent consular authority certification of the relevant metropolitan as far the ministrants of the prevailing religion are concerned, or certification by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affaires or of the relevant representative of the known to the country religion the aforementioned ministrants are to exclusively practice their religious duties.

    i Foreign press correspondents accredited by the General Secretariat of Information and Communication or their accreditation is on process, as long as they submit to the competent consular authority certification that are accredited to the General Secretariat of Information and Communication.

    j Members of foreign archeological faculty whose scientific activity is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in order to work in terms of the activities of the faculty.

    k Teachers of foreign schools that operate with authorization by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.


(a) the other spouse or partner with whom the third-country national has a cohabitation agreement in Greece,

(b) unmarried joint children of spouses or partners under the age of 21,

(c) unmarried children of the declarer or the other spouse or partner, provided that the custody has legally entrusted to the children of the declarer to him / her and to the children of his / her spouse or partner under the age of 21,

(d) direct relatives of the spouses or partners».

*** The second subparagraph of paragraph 4, as supplemented by Article 8 par. 28 of Law 4332/2015, Government Gazette A 76, was replaced on 23.8.2018, as above, pursuant to articles 31 par. 6 and 40 of Law 4540/2018, Government Gazette A 91 / 22.5.2018.

Residence Permits