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  1. 4666/2020 was published in the Government Gazette on 19-02-2020, with amendments regarding the granting of residence permits for studentship reasons. More specifically, articles 33 and 34 of L. 4251/2014 are being replaced by the new provisions.

According to article 6 of the new law, the requirements for the granting of residence permit for studentship are the following:

  1. Acceptance in an educational institution of Higher Education Institute (University) in Greece.
  2. Sufficient material resources to cover the living expenses during the period of studentship and residence – are examined separately in each case.
  3. Deposit of the registration fees at the specific Institute.

The procedure begins with an application to the competent authority, which shall respond within a deadline of sixty (60) days from the submission.

According to article 7 of the Law, the duration of the residence permit for study reasons is one (1) year, with a possibility of renewal. The total duration of the residence permit shall not exceed the basic study period of a University plus 4 semesters and the basic study period of post-graduate studies plus half of it.

The public fee which is deposited amounts to one hundred fifty (150) euros.

L. 4666/2020 Residence permit for studentship reasons
Residence permit
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