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Basic steps for the acquisition of property in Greece

1 The signing of a special power-of-attorney, pursuant to which the purchaser gives the power to the attorney to represent him/her as well as to carry out the required tasks in terms of the signing of the purchase/sale contract. The power-of attorney is signed in the Greek language, in the presence of an interpreter, who confirms with his/her signature the faithfulness of the translation. In case the purchaser is not in Greece, the power-of-attorney could be signed in the country of residence and be validated with the Apostille seal and, finally, sent to Greece.

2 The issuing of VAT No, pursuant to the aforementioned power-of-attorney. 

3 The opening of a bank account at any Bank of Greece. Through the account is transferred the appropriate amount of money as the tax fee of the purchase and the value of the property. Download the documentation required for the opening of the bank account.

4 The legal control of the property to the competent Mortgage Registry or the Cadastral office. 

5 The collection of the appropriate documents by the attorney, in close consultation with the notary, which are necessary for the purchase (certificates, declarations, Urban certificates, tax certificates, certificates from the Archaeologist Service, Forestry and other Services. 

6 Send via e-mail the expenses in which it is included the following amounts:

A) The tax fee of the purchase of the property

In case of the purchase of a property by a private investor or a company- constructor: if the building permit is issued before 2006, the tax fee will be on 3,09% of the price, which will be written in the contract.

In case of the purchase of a property by a company-constructor: if the building permit is issued after 2006, the tax fee will be on 24% of the price, which will be written in the contract.

B) The Attorney’s fee

C) The Notary’s fee

D) The price of the contract transcription to the competent Mortgage Registry

7 The Preparation of the transferred declarations by the Notary and the submission of the declarations to the competent Tax Office, which estimates and verifies the tax amount. 

8 When the certificate registration fee is received from the Tax Office, then everything is ready for the sign of the purchase contract.

9 3-5 days before the signature of the contract, the translated one is sending via e-mail to the purchaser for approval. 

10 The signed purchase contract (which can be signed either by the purchaser or by the authorized attorney) is sent to the competent Tax Office for the registration. 

11 Transcription certificate of the contract is being issued.

12 The process of the purchase is completed after the delivery of the complete file with the certified translated documents to the purchaser. Moreover the above documents are also held in the files of the Attorney and the Notary as well.

Property Acquisition