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An account in a Bank of Greece is required, as it is the mandatory means of transferring the payment for the registration tax, as well as paying the real estate property that is purchased.

The physical presence of the applicant is required for opening a bank account, as the bank takes a sample of the applicant’s signature and they sign the contract for opening a bank account themselves.

The following documents are required for opening a bank account in Greece
  • Proof of permanent residence

    an internal passport is used, where applicable, if it states the permanent address of the applicant. The bank requires the first page of the passport with the personal information and the page which states the permanent address of the applicant. If an equivalent document is not available, any other official document can be used – driving license, residence certificate, etc. – which states the permanent address of the applicant.

  • Proof of employment

    this document should provide information such as – the address of the company, the position held by the applicant, as well as their monthly salary. The level of the stated salary is not important, as long as the specific amount is stated

  • Tax clearance

    or equivalent that is provided in the applicant’s country of residence, clearly stating the amount of taxes that have been paid. The tax clearance should be valid for the entire year and for the year corresponding with the clearance for the period of time it is valid in Greece.

  • Tin Number

  • Confirmation of a mobile phone number registration in Greece under the applicant’s name

    Obtained immediately, with the applicant’s presence in one of the mobile operator branches, upon purchasing a SIM card of that operator.

  • Declaration stating that the client is aware of the requirement of transferring an amount of 10.000€ and above to the bank account, in order to activate it

    Signed directly at the bank. After opening a bank account, the client will not be able to make a deposit in cash, or perform any other bank activities. Αll documents issued by a foreign authority must bear the apostille certification stamp.

Kindly note that after opening a bank account, the client, if they so wish, may sign a Power of Attorney, under which they authorize a third party to manage the account on their behalf.

  • It is being noted that all the documents that are provided by public authorities should be legalized with an Apostille Stamp (the Hague Convention). If the documents, submitted to the bank, are not in the English language, their official translation into English or into Greek is required, made by an accredited lawyer or translation center.

Opening an account in a Bank of Greece
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