The new provisions of the law on the organization of port services and financial transparency of ports have been adopted by an overwhelming majority in the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg with the rapporteur of the European People’s Party, member of the European Parliament from the party «Nea Dimokratia» Eliza Vozemberg-Vrionidi.
New rules concerning ports are expected to enhance the efficiency of European ports, which employ 470,000 workers, making them more attractive to investors. The regulation will be applied in the 319 nautical European ports included in the Trans-European transport network, 25 of which are Greek.
During the plenary discussion, the Greek MEP stated, inter alia, the importance of the bill in attracting of the new investments, specifically mentioning Greece. In her speech, she referred to, inter alia, that the new rules are designed to limit the number of service providers, the ability of public services, as well as a number of the favorable provisions for small ports, in order to avoid a disproportionate administrative burden and additional costs. It was also said that the new regulations provide fair conditions of competition, specific rules of transparency and the security of law and a stable legal framework more attractive for investors, which has not disproportionate and contradictory interpretations.

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