The official journal of the EU published its Regulation 2017/2226 concerning the system of entry and exit to the Schengen area and an amendment to the agreement on its application. According to the new provisions, the necessary information is recorded at entry, exit, denial of entry to third-country nationals crossing the external border of the Schengen area.

The contribution of the entry and exit system with the use of automatic determination of the permissible location on the traveler makes it possible to minimize delays in border control. Moreover, the authorities are given the opportunity to access to the travel history, which increases internal security and is a means of combating terrorism. In addition, there is reliable control over people who exceed the length of their stay.

It is noted that the new system is intended for those who need a visa to enter the European Union, as well as for those who are exempt from the obligation to have a visa. The system will also cover those whose stay is allowed for 90 days inside the Schengen zone. The important thing is that the system will achieve double success. On the one hand, it will replace the stamping of passports, and on the other hand, will facilitate the way of crossing borders, ensuring the detection of scammers and offenders.

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