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The law draft concerning the change in the Immigration Code regarding the conditions for the admission and accommodation of citizens, nationals of third countries, arriving from outside the European Union for reasons of work or education, namely intra-company transfers, is concluded today.

The draft supplements Article 17A of the Migration Code in the following manner.

“Article 17A” for the entry of third-country nationals within the framework of intra-corporate transfers

Applies to citizens of third countries with full political rights and obligations requesting admission and accommodation in Greece within the limits of intra-company transfers and who have passed precise control and validation by the competent authorities with the aim of intra-company transfer. It also concerns those who have been accepted in Greece, within the same context, as executives, employees, or trainees. This does not apply to non-EU nationals applying for admission as researchers, they enjoy free movement on equal terms with European citizens, through agreements concluded between the EU and Member State countries, third countries, or those employed in those third countries.

In addition, those who are self-employed and do not work for an employer, and those who are underpaid employment and were recruited through an employment agency, those admitted as students or on internship, are excluded.

As per par. 9 of this Article, a national of a non-EU country must provide:

A passport or another travel document that has been accurately checked and validated by the competent authority for the purpose of an intra-company transfer, certificates indicating that the host and the company located in a third country are part of the same company or a group of companies with a common ruling body, and lastly, employment agreement as well as a job description indicating the applicant’s responsibilities, provided by the employer.

Intra-company transfers – the amendment of Law 4521/2014
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