In the context of completion of the Hellenic Cadastre, an electronic application has been put into operation since 2019, in order for the next generation of land surveys in regions of many Regionals Unities of the Country, not included in relevant older survey programs so far, to be implemented.

Liable to the declaration

Individuals and legal entities owning property rights or other registrable to the Books of Cadastre right upon real estate property located on specific regions of the country under Cadastral Survey, are obliged to submit the declaration of L. 2308/1995, describing their relevant right with reference to its acquisition cause.

This obligation lies with the owner of the real estate property, who has ownership (full or bare) and every beneficiary of usufruct, beneficiary of every other personal servitude or real easement right, the beneficiary of a collateral security, seizure, registrable lawsuit, registrable lease (timeshare, leasing, of duration over nine years) and every beneficiary of any other registrable right.

Ways of Submitting the declaration – Deadlines

The said declaration is submitted before the competent Cadastral Survey Office or electronically through the special on line application provided by the webpage of the Hellenic Cadastre (, within a period of three (3) months, the commencement date of which is determined by a decision act of the Hellenic Cadastre. This deadline is extended to six (6) months in case of foreign residents.

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