According to the article №1 of the decision 374365/2021, applications by third-country nationals for the renewal of residence permits, which are issued in accordance with the provisions of Laws 425/2014 and 106/2007, are now submitted exclusively through the electronic services of the Ministry of Immigration, applying the provisions of Law 4251/2014 and 106/2007 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Application procedure:

  1. The submission of an application by a third-country national under the provisions of the article №9, paragraph 2, Law 4251/2014 have to be submitted only through the electronic services of the Ministry of Immigration.
  2. Applications must be accompanied by supporting documents, which are downloaded electronically.
  3. The electronic declaration performs the function of a declaration of honor in terms of the content and accuracy of the data submitted, and is subject to liability for the provision of false statements under the provisions of Law 1599/1986 (A ’75).
  4. The application ends with a confirmation of the applicant’s entry. The date of submission of the application is the date of its final submission via the electronic platform of the Ministry of Immigration.
  5. Upon successful submission of the application, the applicant receives the following: 1) a confirmation of the application, which lists the applicant’s data and the list of documents submitted 2) a document replacing the certificate issued pursuant to article 9, paragraph 4, of law 4251/2014 («Blue Certificate»).
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