The cost of acquiring assets is not accepted for a natural person who has his tax residence abroad while he does not receive any income in Greece.

Furthermore, for the tax office while calculating the imputed and the total income and the difference between the two sums, it is necessary to take into account the sums that are mentioned in the tax return declaration. These amounts are proved by legal documents that were provided as evidence by the taxpayer as well as the amounts relating to the import of foreign currency.

It should be noted that such evidence is not compulsory for taxpayers of another State. With regard to cases where many properties are purchased from foreign residents and funds are transferred from another country, the transfer is not done in the name of the buyer but to the seller and / or the construction company. It is therefore appropriate for the competent tax authority to take account all the relevant supporting documents, even though the name of the beneficiary may be the seller or the construction company.

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